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Stained Glass Christmas decorations
All are hand made and individual, subject to colour and size variations.
Stained Glass Angel Christmas Decoration
Hand made stained glass Angel decoration.
Approx. 95 x 95mm
Stained Glass Christmas Stocking decoration
Christmas Stocking
Hand made stained glass Christmas stocking
decoration. Approx. 95 x 60mm
Stained Glass Christmas Pudding decoration
Fused Christmas Pudding
Hand made stained glass Christmas pudding
decoration. Approx. 60mm diameter
Large Stained Glass Father Christmas window hanging
Large Father Christmas
Hand made stained glass Large Father
Christmas decoration. Approx. 190 x 270mm.
Ideal for window hanging
Large Stained Glass Christmas Tree window hanging
Large Christmas Tree
Hand made stained glass Large Christmas Tree
decoration. Approx. 190 x 280mm
Ideal for window hanging